Prabhat Rotopack  
Manufacturers of Seamless Flexi Tubes & Flexible Packaging Materials

1. Eight Colour Rotogravure Printing Machines: 3

These machines are with computerized fully automatic attachments like Auto Registration, Auto tension controls, auto web guide systems, ink circulation, viscosity control pumps, pneumatically operated special wiping doctor blade mechanism and pressure rolls, with automatic loading and unloading system for continuous and undisturbed printing.

9 color ExperPAC 1000 printing machine
9 color ExperPAC 1000 printing machine

2. Lamination Machines: 4 (Including one solvent less lamination Machine).

These machines have extended drying tunnel and pneumatically operated hoods, doctor blade mechanism and pressure rolls to ensure smooth and odor-free lamination. In addition to these, we have just installed one of the latest Solvent less Lamination machines, which is used for lamination of all food-packaging materials.

Lamination Machines

3. Slitting and Inspection Machines: 6
The slitting machines are fully equipped with auto tension control system and auto web control attachments with web viewing screens to check the print quality.

Slitting and Inspection Machine

4. Pouching Machines

These machines are capable of producing pouches with center or side seal with or without gusset and zipper.

Pouching Machine

5. Co-extruded multi-layer films
The Plant has State- of-the-art features to produce the finest co-extruded films of unmatched quality.

Co-extruded multi-layer films

6. Extrusion Coating Machine

We are soon introducing 4 layer Extrusion Coating machine imported from Taiwan to the facility to meet the more diversified needs of our customers.

Extrusion Coating Machine

7. Ink Producing Units: 3
These units are well equipped to process and produce high quality inks required for captive use.

8. Test Laboratory

Our laboratory is well equipped with complete range of testing equipments required for flexible laminates & pouches.

In order to maintain the high standards of production, the above equipments are fully equipped with automatic computerized control systems and are producing uniform quality consistently. To keep the consistency at all levels of production, the machines and equipments are calibrated every three months. On line quality check is done right from the receipt of raw material through different stages of production, till the final despatch of finished goods. Appropriate quality certificates issued with details like GSM, odour test, GLC report, etc. with every consignment.